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Reptiles Are Cuddly And Pretty
Mount Airy, MD
reply to mackey

Re: Interesting

said by mackey:

And who forced people to learn how to pirate by not providing any other choice? Perhaps if they offered this from the get-go people would never have gotten used to getting it for free.

I generally agree but I would not say that anyone was "forced" to pirate anything. To pirate or not is a conscious, willful and voluntary decision.

But going beyond that, piracy, whether content providers want to accept it or not, is a de facto distribution method for their work. For most content providers who aren't tied to a distributor (the way HBO needs pay tv providers to get their product to the customers), they are free to price their products in such a way as to make piracy a less attractive alternative.

I just don't see how HBO can do this without burning the bridges with the cable companies.
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