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Music Lover Forever
Beaverton, OR
reply to Nesse

Re: If Diablo 3 Was On Sale...

said by Nesse:

said by Mashiki:


People cried, complained and whined that they wanted D3 to have the same repetitiveness as D1/2, but didn't want to lug around health pots, and tomes for identifying and porting back and all that jazz, so they did it. But now people are whining, crying and complaining because they're doing the same thing that they did in the first two games? Okay there...my only real complaint is the lack of random map generation outside of dungeons, that in itself gets kinda boring.

I don't think it's they got a better taste in games, it's that they got used to ezmoding.

Ezmoding? If by ezmoding you mean shopping on the AH for items rather than actually finding them in game. Sure. Or maybe you meant how someone could find a really awesome item. Equip it. Pass it to every single toon he was playing. Finally out level the item and still sell it on the AH for the next guy.

Now I have never played Diablo, or D2, but if its anything like D3 was, Im pretty sure I wouldnt have enjoy those games either. Item hunting should be part of the fun of the game, which would included rerunning parts of the game over and over again to find those items. The problem with that, almost all the items that would drop would be complete crap. Upgrades were few and far between.... unless of you shopped on the AH, and then you could gear up for cheap because none of the decent items were ever removed from the game. Just recirculated. And if finding the gear you need to advance means shopping the AH, whats the point of playing again?

Diablo 2 was great because you could get through the max difficulty (hell) with semi-mediocre gear and drops of decent gear were way more frequent.

There was also a concept called "rune words" where you could make specific weapons and armor out of socketed equipment and runes you found.