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Carmel, IN

Belkin N300 + Xoom 5341J Issue

Hi all,
I'm getting Comcast advertised speeds with my cable modem connected directly to my PC: 21 down, 5 up. However, when I add my Belkin N300 router into the mix (since my Zoom cable modem doesn't have Wi-Fi), my desktop PC's wired speeds drop to 1.5 down, 5 up. I've tried every setting imaginable on the Belkin and nothing seems to help.

I ran ShaperProbe and no shaper was detected.

I've also noticed the Wi-Fi signal doesn't reach all the way downstairs, as I usually have two bars of signal strength on my devices.

I ran this same router at my old place (with Uverse) with no problems, but it did run continuously for two years. Do I need to replace the router? Why would it affect my wired speeds?


New Haven, CT
Going to ask since you appear not to have indicated it. Did you do a hard 30-30-30 reset followed by a power cycle of the Belkin N300 router before connecting it to the Comcast cable modem? Have you updated the Belkin N300 to the latest firmware?

Don't know what version/model nummber of the N300 you are using but you may be able to use 3rd party firmware like DD-WRT or TomatoUSB which may fix the low speed issue.


Carmel, IN
Yep, I did many power cycles and factory resets with no appreciable difference.

The firmware had its last version in 2010, so it's possible it just can't handle newer cable modems.

I like the idea of third-party firmware and will try that next before I go with a different brand (and more powerful) wireless router.