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Old Lyme, CT
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Re: [help] Speed Test Normal, but Internet Running Very Slow Tod

I've also had similar problems for several days. Almost 60 seconds just to get this response page after clicking on "reply." However, some pages seem to have no delay at all. Very inconsistent results with incoming.att.net - either with ping or trying to fetch mail (either Balsa or Evolution) sometimes quick response, sometimes just a timeout and no response. At those times, a traceroute just goes one step beyond my router, and then off to the ether. Reconnecting or rebooting the router seems to give help more often than not, but only temporary.


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Well, it's been a week and the issues persist. It's doubtful that any more calls to AT&T is going to solve anything. I just don't have the patience to sit through the nonsense with another one of their phone support people. They seem either ignorant of the issue or unwilling to recognize it.

I'm going to be calling the cable company today (Cox in this neck of the woods) and will get an internet/phone bundle. I'll get better speed (and hopefully better reliability).

It's not worth my time or effort to deal with a company apparently unconcerned about supporting their products/customers. The bottom line is, I need my Internet connection to work and it's no longer working with AT&T.


Yep, still going on. Getting packet loss on various addresses ending in .mrdnct.sbcglobal.net.

I'm having to use random forum spammer proxies to get Windows Update to actually finish updating. Some proxy in California dropping cialis spam shouldn't be more reliable then my ISP. If the problem were on my end then sending my traffic through da hood wouldn't be any faster :/


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Having the same problem over the past week. Seemed to correct itself late last night and there has been no problem today. Can anyone else confirm this?


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found this on forums.att.com :

You will be pleased to hear that I sent a PM to ATTAlexCM on these boards who forwarded this link (and the one on dslreports.com) to the appropriate parties. i got a call back from Customer Service within 24 hours, and then another call from Chris, an upper end tech guy who acknowledged the problem was indeed on their end. Anyone who hopped thru the Meridian CT area was affected with legacy accounts more likely to be affected. They already had it rerouted by the time of that call which was on Thursday afternoon, and I've been fine ever since with 1 slight 5 min downtime as I assume they were doing continued work. They will be continuing to monitor this hop and fix and I was told they would check back with me Monday to verify its been running up to par that whole time. So far so good.

Now if only they would be able to have a better communication flow so the front line phone techs could have made them aware of this issue a week ago when they got error reports from us customers (or vice versa if they were monitoring all their controlled jumps, spotted the outage and told the techs to tell us customers they were aware of it) it would have gone a lot smoother and quicker for us all.


Over this weekend, I noticed that the internet speeds returned to normal. I go through Meridan, CT too, as regional web pages say I'm calling from Meridan. I guess the problem was finally fixed. I wish it didn't take a whole week though.