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West Tenness
reply to Skippy25

Re: Testing the waters

said by Skippy25:

I personally believe if they went at it separately they would alienate cable companies because they (the cable companies) believe it will cause users to stop paying them for all their other fluff just to get HBO. This would cause cable companies to want to pay HBO even less to get their material, thus HBO would get less from them. That may or may not be true, but what they believe is what is important. I personally believe it to be true and I will never subscribe to an HBO or Showtime type service with my cable/sat/iptv subscription. They have no value to me in that format. Format being a monthly charge for all content, when 99.9% of it I dont care for and probably just want 1 show.

But it's NOT true. If HBO sells HBOGo standalone at $15 a month which is the same as what cable companies charge for HBO then why would a personal with HBO drop it for HBOGO stand alone? They wouldn't. If your cable company is already giving you HBOGO for free included in your HBO subscription it's not logical to pay the same amount and get less.

If you don't want to pay for HBO to your cable company it doesn't make sense to pay the same amount to get LESS by getting HBOGo stand alone since cable companies offer it for FREE included in your HBO subscription.

Example: True Blood. My fiance loves that show and I would pay to get it which I can through Amazon. However, the season isnt even available yet. So she finds another way to watch it. One I do not approve of, but none the less they go from earning some money to none.

Anohter way HBO is being stupid and missing out on money. But the same excuse they give for not offering HBOGO standalone is the same reason why they don't offer current seasons on Amazon. Cable companies are afraid you'll cancel HBO. Of course you don't have, it won't ever have it, thus cable isn't losing anything, but they don't see it that way. They think if they keep the content away for long periods of time you'll just pony up the cash totally unaware apparently there are other ways to obtain the content. And HBO is too stupid to understand this too.

If all the shows we currently watch or may want to watch in the future were available for streaming and a reasonable fee (with no HD because we can fee) and at the same time or immediately following the original broadcast I would cancel uVerse in a heartbeat and purchase them as I see fit. The only need at that point is live sports so I will either go without completely (lost revenue for them), catch some at a friends or local establishment (lost revenue for them, gain for local establishment) and hope some day they will stream it as well.

Which is exactly why cable fights stuff like this tooth and nail.