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Toronto, ON
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Re: Why would anyone use Acanac

My DSL is fast, stable, with no gimmicks (as in the new Bell...265Gb first 8 mos...then 15Gb/mo after lol), and no cap. Since the CRTC rule, socialist price controls across all ISPs is here, just like Rogers and Bell like it. Make sure you get what you pay for. Read the other ISP forums and you will see the problems others have with different providers. Don't know who you guys use, but I'm very happy with Acanac service. I hope you are happy with your provider.


Penetanguishene, ON
I would agree the only issue i have ever had is my dry loop has been dissconnectd 3 times.... you read right. Never had dns or routing issue... never had a a problem with my inside wiring.... but the bell techs keep on killing the dialtone by unplugging on street. I have literally been on a voip call had it drop off.... walked to the central office (2 minutes from my house) banged on door till tech opened up and told him to put it back on.... another time took 2 weeks (at no fault to acanac).... 5 service techs to house - last one in disbelief from another area... was like WTF???? your line is literally not plugged in .....