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[RANT] Roofing Company Closed Early, Knew I was Coming

I'm rather pissed because I called Metro Roofing in Danbury this morning, to find out their hours and ask availability on some gravel stop. They told me they close 11:30 and then proceeded to put me on hold for five minutes while they 'check stock'. They disconnected the call and I figured, I have 25 minutes to get down there, so I jumped in the truck and must have broke about 90 traffic laws to get down there within that time frame. I told them I was coming down from NM, but he insisted on checking stock anyway.
I arrived at 11:29, and there were several guys getting into their vehicles and leaving the parking lot. The doors were locked. This, for a business that told me they're open til 11:30 and that knew I was driving down from 2 towns away.
With the remnants of Issac coming on Tuesday, and Monday being Labor Day, I have an unfinished roof.
This is aggravating, on top of the fact that the Anderson window I ordered on Aug 2 from Home Depot, whose delivery by date was Aug 30, is STILL not yet in from the factory. So I have holes in the north wall, no slag stop on the edge of the roof and a hurricane coming.
Nice going commercial businesses!

Proud American and Infidel since 1968.
So how'd you make out with all this rain?


I came back and got my gravel stop on Tuesday, proceeded to install it, and finished just in time as the rain started.

The rain wasn't that bad. We had worse in June. At least I got my wall done. Now if Anderson would hurry up and deliver my other window that I ordered first week of August, I could finish my siding.