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Eagle, ID

Caps on Buisness line

I just signed up for 50x2 SOHO with CableOne and was wondering if they started to enforce the bandwidth caps on business lines yet. Has anyone been charged extra for going over their cap?


Kansas City, MO
I've yet to hit the caps any time as of late.

But recently, I was told "...should you consistently surpass that limit for your plan, then you would start getting charged for each GB past your plan’s limit. But, we don’t drop the speed."

So, according to the quote above, they may be starting to charge for consistent overages. But, I can not confirm as it's not happened to us.


Eagle, ID
reply to sputnick
So I've had the service for a few weeks already and looking at the CableOne bandwidth meter, it looks like it doesn't exclude my usage between off peak hours even though it states this on their website:

This graph displays total bandwidth usage (download usage + upload usage) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 midnight (peak time) for all days in the selected billing period (Economy: Noon to Midnight). In monitoring this graph you can adjust your usage accordingly to remain under your byte allocation.

Does it do this for everyone else?