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Free at last, free at last

[LA] Storm related outage, need to report?

I've had my cable modem on a UPS which has been powered by my generator for the last three days. Today I switched back from generator power to the grid and still have no signal on my cable modem.

I'm assuming this is a storm related outage as my AT&T telephone service is also out. I believe that it could be related to a tree that fell and took the cable & telephone line with it (probably more than just that). I've removed the offending tree however the cable line strung between two poles in front of my neighbor's house is hanging about 6 feet from the ground.

Since a tree took down the cable and telephone line, do I need to report the outage? I can see Cox and AT&T getting service restored to my neighborhood but never know that my neighbors and I are still out of service.
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Warner Robins, GA
Yes, you should report both services being out. Just the facts about the service being out and exactly where this fallen tree situation is. The companies already know you are not happy about the situation, so no need to rant. AT&T will be working to get basic telephone service restored as soon as possible. Cox usually will take longer to restore service than AT&T in my experience. It is just the more complex nature of cable systems and the need for very stable electricity supply I have been told. In many cases the cable company has to wait on the electrical or telephone company to fix poles, as they are just leasing space on them. That is why cable service may be one of the last services restored.


Kenner, LA

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Service is out here in Kenner in Chateau Estates. I'm not sure why it isn't on but I know people in other areas of Kenner do have service. Where do we report this? Anybody have a telephone number?

Edit: Service restored to my house just before 6:00PM. Good job Cox!

Free at last, free at last
All my neighbors around the corner are still good to go. Nothing on our side of the street. :-(