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Stillwater, OK

DIY 3G/4G LTE Yagi

Hi All,

I've been experimenting with building homemade Yagi antennas to improve Verizon 4G reception. They've all worked surprisingly well. For anyone interested, I've documented the build process with many pictures and some brief testing results. The write-up is available here:

» ··· _diy.htm

It's a fun afternoon project--it takes about four hours to build. I selected parts to keep the total cost of the antenna itself around $10. For those on a budget, this is one way of increasing your data reception at a minimal cost.

I tested the antenna in my attic with the VL600 and UML290. It increases the RSSI by around 10-15 dB, and increases the SINR by about 8-10 dB. YMMV.

Some photos are included below. I'd be happy to answer any questions or provide more info.

No antenna (UML290):

DIY Yagi (UML290):

Warner Robins, GA
Thanks for sharing this project. I would be curious to see how an antenna performs being supported at only the balun end. Most of the yagi antennas I see are designed to be supported at the very end of the main beam, so as to leave the other elements out in clear air.


Stillwater, OK
Yes, mounting is yet another project.

When a Yagi get this long, it would be a lot of stress to support it from only one end. Plus, the EMT used in my antenna is not quite as light as the more commonly used aluminum. My neighbor, who is HAM operator, always supports his homebrew Yagis in the middle. I had envisioned mounting it similar to these:


Bon Aqua, TN
reply to dmc271
interesting... I like