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San Francisco, CA

[TWC] Ubee 3201B admin page/busted modem?

I just moved, and the installer who came by told me I had to switch from my previously good Motorola modem to this new Ubee monstrosity that looks straight out of the early 90's. (I swear, my original Zenith cable modem from 1997 was not this big)

Unfortunately I can't get the admin page to come up. The modem is definitely at, my devices can all get IP addresses but I can't get a webpage to come up. Do I need to know a special URL to get the web interface on the device to work? I've portscanned it and it definitely says that port 80 is open, but I can't get any pages to come up. All I'm seeing is a "the connection was reset" error page any time. I've rebooted the modem a couple times to no effect.

I really don't want the default Wi-fi network name or password. I want to set up port forwarding so I can get into my machine from work.

I'll settle for a hint on how to reset the modem to factory and see if THAT helps any, but I am slightly concerned that this thing ships intentionally crippled in some way and by doing that I might screw things up entirely.

Alfred, ME
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Does » work? Do you want the router functions of the device or do you have your own router? What model is your old Motorola modem that you wanted to use?


San Francisco, CA
.100.1 doesn't work either. It seems like the web server inside the device is just not working.

I need the router functions, especially the wi-fi as I only have a switch. All I'm really trying to do for starters is change the wi-fi options because the default SSID and password isn't something I can remember and it's a pain to have to find the info to tell guests when they come over.

The old modem was the SB6121, maybe 6120 I'm not real sure. In any case the installer took it with him so there's not much I can do about that.


Try to connect your pc through an ethernet cable and assign your pc a static address within the DHCP address. Better yet remove the coaxial cable when doing the changes.


San Francisco, CA
aha, so unplugging it from the coax let me get to the web interface.

unfortunately none of the user/pass combos on this forum seem to work, so that's that.

I'm guessing that I'm part of the mind-boggling crippled modem club. Time to complain up the chain until I get a new modem! I'm not considering it acceptable to have something connected to my computers that I can't control in the slightest if I'm paying $100/mo for it. Especially when the wireless password is a 6 digit sequence based on device serial numbers which isn't secure in any sense of the word for anyone with half a brain since the SSID makes it blisteringly obvious what the device is and how to hack it. I'm fine with buying my own equipment if this is what I get instead.



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Read the manual how to reset it to factory default, then you will know the user/pass and then you can change what you like.
If it does not allow you then you are better off asking TWC to put the modem/router in bridge mode, allowing you to use your own wireless router that you control.
If you have another choice ask for an Arris Docsis 3 wireless modem. I have one and it's configurable.