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Oshawa, ON
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reply to xbell

Re: Incompetent technician cut off my Internet!

said by xbell :

said by milnoc:

An incompetent Bell technician....

Gonna have to stop you right there. These clowns are not Bell technicians but employees of Bell's contractor Bell Technical Solutions. Bell dresses them up to look like Bell but they are not and it is an insult to all the actual Bell technicians to be lumped in with these incompetent monkeys.

I see this shit all the time from them. Dry loops should have dial tone on it as all Bell's do with anac capability. I haven't worked on a TSI dry loop lately but they should have dial tone as well. If not they are just asking for trouble with the BTS jerk-offs working near or on their circuits.

Rant over.

gonna have to Stop You right there, The BTS jerkoffs do 3 times the work for 1/3rd the wage the bell techs do, And BTS is owned by bell so its hardly a Subcontractor.

Rant Off
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reply to milnoc

Re: Incompetent technician cut off my Internet! (resolved?)

You don't have any proof that Bell disconnected your line and you are just going by the assumption that they took you out of service. You will get laughed out of court. Realistically however you may get something knocked off your next bill.
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reply to morisato

Re: Incompetent technician cut off my Internet!

Couldn't agree with you more, BTS is owned by Bell so it is not a subcontractor that people would like to think they are. They have many ex Bell technicians working for them so the poster who said they are all jerkoffs is essentially putting both sets of technicians down.