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Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON
reply to milnoc

Re: Incompetent technician cut off my Internet!

said by milnoc:

Gonna try to get a picture of this clown, or at least of the truck.

Last year a customer of mine hooked up DSL service in his newly built condo. Bell techs connected his service and then pulled it in error at least 3 times in the space of three weeks. My customer, his girlfriend, and I were in the telecom room 5-6 times documenting the stupidity. We talked to at least three or four Bell techs as they came and went.

And no, of course we were not authorized to access the telecom room. Because the telecom room wasn't properly secured, a Teksavvy support agent early on decided that my customer's pulled-in-error problems were all caused by some kind of vandalism or sabotage. The agent made a comment to that extent in the trouble ticket log, so most every agent from then on was convinced the idea was proven fact. Not helpful..

It was an extraordinary experience.

Equally extraordinary is the fact that he is still a customer. I know I like to think I'm good at my job, but I guess his loyalty can be taken as objective proof that I really am. He did switch to cable though