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North York, ON

Internet by AcanacCable has been disconnecting very frequent

Internet by Acanac Cable has been disconnecting VERY frequently for the past 2 month! I have send many complains and there were no direct solutions. Everyday after 11am, the internet will starting disconnecting as frequent as 7 times in 20 minutes! The only current solution right now is to restart the modem and after awhile it will disconnect by itself again.

Toronto, ON
Have you contacted support about it Gerry2888 ?


North York, ON
reply to Gerry2888
I am also from North York and have had the same problem.


Toronto, ON
reply to Gerry2888
Hi Gerry,
We battled with this for four months. Same problem as you're describing only worse. Acanac sent out Rogers three times and they (Rogers) were totally useless.

We finally found information on the Acanac forums that tied the internet problems to our cable TV reception, which was also poor.

Bingo! I called Rogers directly and put in a service request for the cable TV problems. Turns out our cable line was the problem. Rogers replaced the entire line and both the TV and internet are now fine. It's been over a week and we've had no disconnects.

Check out the links on the forums below. And also if you have cable TV, check if your reception is degraded.

Rogers seems to be very unhelpful with resellers like Acanac.

Good luck!

This Forum - »Re: T3 timeouts - has info from a knowledgable technician "tj_blues" - I have examined our TV signals for noise & ingress as it would be the cause for the constant T3 disconnects we are getting. We have snow on all channels (ch2-6 are the worst) which means noise on the lines from bad connections (lose connector(s), metal wall-plate, copper braided cable, rusted connection points, water damaged cables, bad shielding). Since the Rogers techs have only looked at the connections at the house, the bad connections must be on the poles.

This forum has an entry from "tonytoronto" and "pennyarcade" on their T3 Timeouts problem being fixed with a bad connector at the pole.

»Tons of disconnects everyday on Cable, T3 timeouts
Since we also have shadowed images, this indicates an ingress problem which comes back to a bad cable letting other signals into our line.


Toronto, ON
BTW - just to add. We're in downtown Toronto where our cable lines and infrastructure are old.