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Minneapolis, MN

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Re: Looking for photo scanning software & hardware

Some scanner options:
$52 Canon CanoScan Lide110
$59 Epson Perfection V30
$72 Canon CanoScan Lide210
$152 Canon CanoScan 9000F
$181 Epson Perfection V900

Scanners come with scanning drivers and software. To scan, you can either use the software it came with or use a photo editor like Photoshop Elements or Gimp. Irfanview will work also.

When scanning, you can scan two or more photos at a time. The scanner driver will automatically separate the photos, allowing you to save each photo separately. I have scanned 4 or more at a time.

I don't have an Epson scanner, so I don't know what software it comes with. If you end up getting a Canon, you can use the provided Canon MP Navigator EX software with ScanGear TWAIN driver to scan your photographs. (On a side note: When using MP Navigator EX, be sure to put a checkmark next to "Use the scanner driver" so that it brings up the Canon ScanGear window which allows for greater control.)

To scan photographs using a photo editor like Photoshop Elements or Gimp, you can bring up the scanner's TWAIN driver (i.e. Canon ScanGear) by clicking on File-->Import (or something similar). This method allows you to scan and edit the photos before saving to file. I used Photoshop Elements so I could save all my photos in TIF format (LZW lossless compression).

Scanner drivers, such as Canon ScanGear, allows for image corrections such as reducing dust and scratches, color fade correction, and tone adjustments. More expensive scanners, such as Canon 9000F and Epson V900, come with much better image correction control. Alternatively, Photoshop Elements has an Auto Smart Fix option for improving dull photos.

I used a Canon 210 scanner and scanned my photos using a 1200dpi setting. On a typical 5x7 photo, that resulted in roughly 6000x4000 pixels and between 25-50 MB (TIF LZW lossless). If I were to do it again, I would choose to use a 600dpi setting instead. Canon 210 is capable of 4800dpi, which would have resulted in really large files. In retrospect, the less expensive Canon 110 would have been enough for me. YMMV

Epson v30, Canon 110, and Canon 210 are powered by a USB cord, so no power cord required. Epson v900 and Canon 9000F requires a power cord.