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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to AVD

Re: Smartphone apps track users even when shut down

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Oh well, 99.99% of todays people don't even know that their TV is sending what-they-have-been-looking-at-what-time behind their backs too. Who cares, right ?

I know a LOT about cable and the cable boxes. Yes, many broadcasters and cable TV program providers would LOVE to know what people are watching, but even if the provision was there for it, how could it know? It cannot!

I leave my cable boxes on all the time. That would mean that NBC might ASSUME I watched NBC all night, and all the time I am at work. It just is useless data.

no, there are algorithms that can compensate for that.

I bet they could even use for many setups now knowing when the HDMI connection goes down that the TV is off. the box has to redo the handshake when I turn the TV on so the box must know when the HDMI connection goes down with the TV off button being hit.
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Anon users

Okay, is time to donate some MORE findings

Android SQLITE default allows OTHER to read and copy your db HISTORY (like browsing, calling, calender, sms histories, whatsoever that use sqlite for database) in ANY APP

all sqlite db are CREATED with rw-r--r-- properties ( 'r--' for other (if you know Unix) in default storage locations) allowing SPYING apps just copy the sqlite databses and upload them to the BIG BROTHER.

Can easily be fixed with a change of 1 line in the code, of course you have to BUILD your android OS yourself ... Good luck