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Yazoo City, MS

[Exede] monthly allowance

Current HN 9000 user. I am not excited about the new Gen4 plans. Most people seem to be concerned about free/nonfree zones. I am more concerned about living with a monthly allowance. Has anyone here been fapped? What happens? Do you have to live with dialup speed for 3 weeks if you're fapped the first week? I don't download movies and probably still won't, but terribly concerned that I will be fapped for an extended time. Please comment thanks


Fresno, OH
The monthly allowance is not bad. You just monitor your usage daily. It resets every month, but if you get fapped the first week that wouldn't be good! They are suppose to have a "buy more" usage option...but it is like $10/GB...not cheap. You also have the option of upgrading your package. So if 10 or 15GB is too small, you can step up to the next package.


Goodwater, AL
There is also a "one-time" get out of jail free card...they put 5gB's into your usage counter...but this is a one-time function.

Also, even if you're dapped your full speed is restored every night during the Late-Night-Free-Zone from midnight to 5am in your local time zone.
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You said, "Late-Night-Free-Zone from midnight to 5am in your local time zone."


So Exede has a similar plan where you can download as much as you want during those hours?

I was under the impression that they didn't have that...

Great for huge MS updates and big programs!

If this is true, is there any way to download movies to view later, for example from Blockbuster?

I know that you cannot even download a YouTube video to view later and a little bit of YouTube gets me to 25% REAL fast!

I am with Hughes currently and am usually a 70- 80% or better daily - sometimes 95-100% but that only helps on that one day and never benefits me over time, such as WB does it (monthly) BUT I am concerned about downloading a movie and how that impacts the monthly usage.

Does anyone have any experience here? How big a 2 hr move file would be? How that would impact usage on the monthly plan?

It would be very nice not to have to drive 40 min to town...



Goodwater, AL
Yes, Exede has a free download zone from midnight-5am in customers' time zone..

Good rule of thumb for a HD movie is 1gB/hour...so a 2 hour HD movie would be close to 2gB's..

Try these suggestions to download/capture movies for later viewing:


Exede12, ViaSat-1, beam 342, Albuquerque Gateway, Denver AcceleNet servers