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zichrona livracha
reply to bgraham

Re: 2006 Altima - low oil

said by bgraham:

I really don't think 1500 to a quart is that bad after 140k miles.
My wife's 2000 LeSabre with 135k miles on it does 1500 miles to a quart and I would never give it a second thought.

My brother in law's 2007 Caddy with 50k miles on it only does about 1000 miles to a quart and the dealer tells him that is common.

"common" to use a quart of oil in a thousand miles?

My 3.0 liter Ford V6 Aerostar with 215,000 miles and a rear main seal leak only uses a quart in 3000 miles.

My 3.0 liter Avalon 1MZFE V6 with 330,000 miles on it uses about a half pint in 3,000 miles. I use WalMart oil and Fram filters for both vehicles.

If a using a quart every 1000 miles is 'common" for a Cadillac, then I'm never going to consider one.