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Fremont, NE
·Time Warner Cable
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Re: Defective SB6141 Modem?

Exactly the uptime stays but it disconnects for like 10-30seconds after a DHCP request fails. Mine isn't exactly up to the minute, but that my be due to me keep rebooting it.
I had Tier 3 add my Zoom modem and it wouldn't get out of auto provisioning at first, although she did get it after a bit of trying different things. I was told there was no codes for this modem, so its added as an SBG6580. Now these two modems are both Broadcom based, but not the exact chip and the Zoom is not a gateway, so I was thinking that could why it disconnects, something is missing that the 6580 has and the Zoom doesn't. Now TWC says that they support the 5341J, so they should have a code for this modem, this could be something that an engineer needs to check into. I'm also already at and still does it. I also always try to talk to Tier 3 if I can.