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Z Overlord

Jamul, CA

[CA] Would I benefit from a new modem?

I currently have the ancient Motorola SB5101, I use it with a D-Link DIR-655 router (doubt the router matters here though)
My Cox internet service is Premeir

I only ask since allot of people were shocked at how old my modem is


Portsmouth, VA
·Cox HSI
Well the real question is, do you notice speed slowdown's during peak usage hours(7pm-11pm/1am)? If so a newer D3 modem would benefit you, as your using a D2 modem. That is limited to one downstream channel, and one upstream channel. That one downstream channel has a max bandwidth of 38mbps, and its shared locally with others on your node.

With a D3 modem you can bond up to 4 downstream channels, and 4 upstream. There are even newer D3 modems that can bond up to 8 downstream channels, and 4 upstream channels. So simply with a D3 modem you will have more bandwidth available to you, so there are a lot less chances of speed slowdown's during peak usage hours. So your connection would be even more reliable with a D3 modem. However D3 modem doesn't mean you will get faster speeds then you pay for, you will see faster short burst of powerboost speed, that last a very short time though.