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Re: [BC] Wynndel / Creston BC

Well, the runs from Creston to Wynndel are already in place. I understand the the following has been done:

- A new fibre backbone runs down hwy 3 to Creson (10 miles from us). And, also, apparently this has not yet been "light". I don't know.

- Cable (coax) has been run from Creston back to Wynndel (and beyond?). There are a whole bunch of loops of cable just hanging from poles along the way. I can only assume that shaw wants to connect paying customers to the loops

No idea why shaw couldn't get a decent roi from us. They work in smaller communities, etc.

I don't think the money invested in the wireless plant has any effect either. All it really does, from shaw's viewpoint, is to give them an exclusive since Telus has agreed to not enter this market for at least 3 more years.

Of course, if Telus were here, I'm sure that shaw would have knocked on my door ages ago


Creston has been on a new fiber backhaul from Cranbrook now for almost a year. The microwave setup on mount baker is now only used for TV (although this will change when we go all digital).

If you look around Creston there has been a ton of fiber/coax run on poles outside of the town to various communities. So if you see it on the pole, the sub contractors are finished then its just a wait for Shaw. I have now learned 10 months of our delay on my road was caused by waiting for the Utility company(Fortis) to complete power pole maintenance. I see they replaced a good 20 poles along the road. Once they finished the overheard cabling was moved to the new poles and i would say within a month a shaw boom truck was out installing splitters/amps along the road.

So i think it will just be a matter of where you are on the list of community upgrades. I noticed a large amount of new cable out in Canyon/Lister area as well, so lets hope wynndel is farther up the list!