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Trenton, MI

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reply to NuclearXP9

Re: Anyone ditching WOW Ultra TV equip. for Ceton?

I'd like to start a rolling list of pros/cons so others can make an educated decision. I'm really starting to lean towards this option due to the cost/disappointing performance of the vendor supplied hardware. It would be nice if another user from here could jump on-board early so we could work together to iron out any kinks.

ANyway, here is a start:

- Assuming you rent WOW Gateway, 2 extenders @ $25/mo + 1 more @ $15/mo, and you will replace that with Ceton Q @ ~$600 + 2x $180 Echos, your equipment will pay for itself in 2 years.
- XBOXes can serve as extenders negating buying add'l extenders
- 2TB DVR drive vs. 500GB
- What appears to be significantly better UI and search
- Given the cablecard connectivity, you should be able to switch cable providers and still keep all functionality
- Mobile apps for watching/scheduling content
- Provides internet video services, web browser etc.
- The children at WOW that don't understand networking will stop telling you running your own wireless AP to replace the garbage Arris packaged into theirs is unsupported.

- Will need to rent CableCard (~$4/mo) + rent/buy a modem. (Supposed supported modems: Motorola 6120/6121 and the 6580).
- Loss of WOW support (if you call this a con - as their best tech support is WOW_Dan patrolling this forum).
- Loss of VOD? Does anyone care with the liteny of other VOD services the Ceton would probably offer (Amazon, netflix, Hulu etc). Edit 2: according to various member testimony, VOD (PayPerView?) should still work, except you will need to phone WOW ahead to make the purchase, then tune into the channel yourself to watch your programming.


I've been with WOW a long time. I've also never watched a VOD program so, no great loss there!


Trenton, MI
reply to NuclearXP9
FWIW: It looks to me, that you can use the central tuner (the "Q") as one of your display devices, so that may mean even less need for an extender (xbox/Echo).

Big Jimmy

reply to NuclearXP9
said by NuclearXP9:

Edit: According to this: »www.cetoncorp.com/support/index.···-content due to the nature of CableCards, VOD and pay-per-view looks doubtful.

PPV absolutely works, but it's a little tricky. Normally, you'd use your guide and buy it, but since you don't have a guide (remember, Cablecards can't talk about to WOW, only receive data), you need to call in the order. As long as the representative you get has their head screwed on straight, they'll order the program and authorize the Cabelcard, and you're good to go. I order a lot of UFC PPVs, and have problem done 15-20 since having gotten the Cablecard.


Troy, MI
reply to NuclearXP9
CableCard is $3.50 /mo. and it's possible that you might get a $7/mo. credit for not using any WOW! equipment. Check with WOW! though.

I really like the Ceton solution. Firstly, I already have a server PC that is on 24 hrs/day that I could install a $200 Ceton InfiniTV PCIe card instead of the Ceton Q (I've seen the InfiniTV as low as $175 too). This helps reduce the payback period to about 1 year. I'm guessing the Ceton Echo will come down from $180 pretty quickly too, if you can hold off a few months.

The one concern I have is the Ceton solution is based on Microsoft Windows Media Center. Since Ceton does not have full access to the software backbone of their system, I wonder how quickly bugs/issues will be fixed (if at all). Couple that with the fact that Microsoft seems to have abandoned Windows Media Center to a certain degree, and I worry that down the road we'll be left with a pile of unsupported hardware and software. But I suppose if the payback period is only 1 year then it's worth the risk.