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Keene, NH
reply to tschmidt

Re: [connectivity] Disconnects have started

Well must have been a fp issue, my connection has again been steady for at least a week now. One question I have is I am about to install a DSL/POTS splitter at the NIB, currently I have a dedicated CAT5 line running to the room where my DSL equip is. I used a splitter at the
wall where I attach the modem and a phone+filter. Once I get the DSL/POTS splitter installed would it be better to not run phone on that cat5 line, or can I still run the phone & dsl on a seperate pair on that same line, and a splitter at the jack to directly connect the phone, and dsl modem ?


Milford, NH
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Twisted pair does a excellent job isolating signals between the various pairs. You are not going to notice a difference between sharing pairs in the cable and multiple cables.

I prefer using an external POTS/DSL splitter. The phone company owns the NID and all the devices in it. An external Splitter typically has more filter stages so it delivers a higher level of isolation between signals. Having said that except in very special circumstances you will be unlikely to notice a difference.

Here is the data sheet for the one I'm using. It used to be made by Corning/Siecor but it looks like the design was sold to TII. The other advantage of an external Splitter is it includes the half-ringer test circuit. This allows the one in the NID to be removed. ADSL was designed to coexist with test circuit but if your signal is marginal every little bit helps.

»tiinetworktechnologies.com/repos ··· 1211.pdf



Keene, NH
thanks again for the good info, I was hoping I could use the same
CAT5 line to run Phone/DSL, will save me from pulling more line.
Will be pulling more CAT5, and updating the older phone lines in my house since I have notice some static on the line at times.