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Climax, MI
reply to Riamen

Re: Sept. 12 invites for iPhone 5? release...

said by Riamen:

said by Alcohol:

Looks like the number is 32,000 children if anyone wants an update to the story.

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The article says 'students' not 'children'. The NY Times article linked in your link suggests the students are young adults.

You're right. I assumed students were young from this line in the article

As Lindstrom concluded, you love your iPhone and if JP Morgan Chase is right, eight million of you won’t let a little thing — like costing 32,000 Chinese students their education — keep you from spending $600 to smear your fingerprints all over your loved one’s glass screen.
I found the key to success but somebody changed the lock.

Got Helix?
Putnam, CT
Was late to the party, already posted.


united state
reply to haroldo
said by haroldo:

said by HiVolt:

I wish the contracts here were 2 years... All the freakin blood sucking companies here that offer the iPhone are 3 year contracts... Or purchase outright from Apple at $650+

The "blood sucking companies" (???) are giving you a great deal.
It's the manufacturer that sets the price...NOT the telcos...

Saw this in a David Pogue blog

...The $200 is just a down payment. You’ll pay off the rest through the remaining months of your contract with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or whatever. By signing a two-year contract, you’re agreeing to reimburse the carrier over time.

Therefore, it’s not greed or price-gouging for AT&T to charge existing iPhone customers more than it charges new customers for the new iPhone.

Now, you might well argue: “Well, hey, how long does it take me to pay off my subsidized phone? Surely not the entire two years!”

You’re right. It’s somewhere between 12 and 24 months. Why does it vary? Because different people are on different plans. Some people pay $70 a month, some pay $150, whatever. The more you pay each month, the faster AT&T recoups the phone’s real cost.

Once AT&T has recouped the full price of the older iPhone, you are “upgrade eligible.” You can now buy a new phone at the new-customer price. At that point, the cycle begins anew. (And by the way, yes, you’ll face the same issue in June 2011 or whenever the next iPhone model appears.)...
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Los Angeles, CA
Thought that was pretty common knowledge...and also why prepaids are the more cost-effective deal in the long run. A $200 phone and $40/month for 2 years is a cheaper deal than a $200 phone at $80-90/month for 2 years [$(80-40) x 24 months = $960 price difference]. Even if you amazingly get retail trade-in value for your iPhone, it's not near the difference that going postpaid cost you.