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Royal Oak, MI
reply to stet

Re: Anyone ditching WOW Ultra TV equip. for Ceton?

said by stet:

said by mogamer:

With six tuners and enough HDD space, who needs VOD? You can record everything you would want to watch. You can always rent from Amazon, iTunes or Vudu for the new releases.

We have 6 tuners now with Ultra TV and my wife still spends about half of her TV time watching VOD. There is a lot of past season TV shows on it that she catches up on which are not currently airing so we can't record them with the DVR. And I'm not a fan of having to subscribe to Netflix or other pay/month service for this.

Because of this I really wish that WOW had more HD VOD.

Also, it is because of this that I had to give up Dish for WOW in the first place when she moved in.

So unfortunately for me, no VOD means I can't consider it.

How far back does WOW! VOD go for series episodes. I can't imagine more than a year or so. I've noticed with my mom's WOW! stb, that there are a lot of newer movies available. With Netflix you can go back all the way to the start of the series.

I currently have Dish for my tv service and Netflix is well worth that extra $8 per month. A less expensive option than going up a tier or going with a provider who has a lot of VOD (Comcast or UVerse for example).