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Re: GW2: Engineer Thread

Only in my low 20s right now so I'm still feeling my way through. But I've been using a rifle alot as my primary, mostly for the net ability and the uber knockdown shot. Consequently I've been stacking precision for the crit. I also use turrets quite a bit, the tremor turret is an awesome 'target dummy' particularly if you are in a lower level area and if I'm kiting multiple mobs it will hold thier attention while I take them out. I planned on going deep in inventions for the +health as I use the health turret for heals and assumed it would increase the health/tick not sure if thats a correct assumption. I figure I will probably have to switch back to a pistol/shield sooner or later but blasting a mob in the face and watching half its health disappear is a wonderful thing.

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I used the hell out of the rifle early on too, before I decided to focus on condition damage. Damage and CC is excellent on that thing. I like the shield skills and the defense the shield itself offers, but use the dual pistols more often than not due to the 4 different dots they offer.