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Re: 1 million Ipad & Iphone records stolen from feds & posted

I seem to remember a number of years ago when it was determined that Intel/Microsoft were starting to put some kind of unique identifier into PCs/chipsets that would be externally accessible... the cries of outrage from privacy-conscious users apparently ended that initiative, but not before the folks raising complaints were ridiculed by many observers for being over-reacting, tin-foil-hat privacy extremists. Today unique IDs are inherently included in a variety of handheld devices from inception, and - surprise, surprise - a comprehensive listing of such IDs (along with correlated user data) ends up in the hands of the Feds. If PCs had incorporated such IDs as earlier planned, one could bet their bottom dollar that every computer ID and associated user data would long ago have been in the possession of 3-letter Federal agencies.

And if the allegations are accurate about the data having been stolen from a compromised Fed computer, it demonstrates (yet again) that the Federal government is a lousy custodian of citizens' critical personal data. That data, being on an Internet-accessible laptop computer system and not on a limited-access, "isolated" system, shows the cavalier security attitude the Feds have about "other people's data".
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