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Re: 1 million Ipad & Iphone records stolen from feds & posted

Why would you doubt something like this?

Whether this story is correct or not, we have personal electronic toys with geo-locating technologies, unique Identifier's wireless all bundled into 1 small package walking with us everywhere; I know a lot of you think that sort of thought is too "movie orientated", but is it. Those movies with fantastic gadgets are us now. Why is a standard phone coming out with wireless, geo-locating and unique identifiers all in one.

I've seen no general discussion anywhere about the implications as such, I know Epirb's have similar items for helping locate distress beacons, then why wouldn't there be a satellite using similar type methods for these incorporated in ipods, iphones or anything else similar.......crikey, stick to your computer rooms in your basement if you can not believe this possible, the outside world may scare you too much.
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