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Toronto, ON

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[Cable] No Ranging Response -T3 Timeout- a Theory

TL;DR: Ranging issues are caused by high humidity + upstream bonding brings out the ugliness in lines with weak signal.

After suffering from this irritating glitch for months and following closely all the threads about this issue it is fair to say that the timeouts are a direct result of the upstream bonding.

It seems that the bonding brought out the weaknesses in many lines and lead to a situation where marginal signal on one of the upstream channels causes the connection to choke for a few minutes at a time, repeatedly, until the modem finds its bearings again.

The solution is always to hunt and fix the smallest weaknesses in the line coming to the home/apt to eke out the best of it. (think splitters, quality of the cable, the tap in apts etc...) My line was fixed when the rogers techs changed the cable coming into my apt and everything at the tap

What I noticed recently was that the ranging issues do pop up when it gets really humid out there. Notice how there were no issues during the winter of 2011 when upstream bonding first came online, then by spring everyone started noticing the issue, I included.

What made me think of that is the fact that my line was perfectly fine for more than 3 months until today where I noticed the timeouts in the modem's log.

So there you go, a little idea to ponder and maybe the network wizards on this forum can throw some more knowledge to see if this harebrained theory makes any sense.

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