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Brooklyn, NY
reply to tonyram57

Re: [11217]It all started when I upgraded to double my speeds.

Installer came early and did crap as usual. He came and the first thing he did was use the bathroom. Then he wanted to swap my modem but I told him it was a purchased modem. He then disconnected the line from the back of the modem and he got his tool out and said that my signal strengths are normal. He said he can only do anything if they were not. I know they are fine in the morning. I mentioned that I get upstream noise at night but he did not care and then left.

I called Level 3 support again and told them that the tech did not do anything. The Level 3 told me he started to see my upload a bit slower. Then it gets worse at night and then at midnight it is great again.

Now they are once again going to monitor my modem for 72 hours and send it to there engineer department. I told them I don't want any more tech guys here. Just fix the problem outside because the line going to the modem is fine.


Brooklyn, NY
reply to tonyram57
Netflix streams like crap all evening again today. The past few days great and I though no more problems. Now my uploads are crap and even Google times out not loading anything. I am really getting sick of there crap. This is like the 5th time they said that the problem was fixed. Why can't the connection be the way it was before August 26th.


Longwood, FL
Man, I feel bad for you. I have been very happy with roadrunner. Even back since I had a Toshiba pcx1100 docsis1 modem. I did have issues with Turbo and ranging (random disconnects) once they started rolling out lightning. Upgrading to lightning fixed those issues.

If your signal levels are OK, and you're seeing packet loss, then it sounds like an upstream problem on your node.

FWIW, I have Brighthouse though. TWC is the parent company.