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The E
Please allow me to retort
Burnaby, BC

Ouch, bad experience.

It certainly sounds like a bad experience, and I'd like to unofficially apologize on the company's behalf. That being said, many things can go wrong on an install. The installer may have requested the office to put your modem into bridged mode, but there may be a signal issue/failure. The tech may not have noticed this during setup.

You're allowed to rant, but you haven't really given Shaw a chance to get things up and running yet; you've just moved into a home where you have no idea how good or shoddy the internal wiring is. How can Shaw know?

Making blanket statements regarding a lack of genuine caring and node congestion is disingenuous and nasty. Many, many employees at Shaw genuinely care about their customers. But of course, there are a few asshats that need to be weeded out. They usually are.

I hope your issue gets resolved; I hope you'll report back with an update. Sorry again for the frustrations you've dealt with.
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