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Re: OMGfast.... Looking for review

I recently purchased OMGfast service. The speed is fast and consistent. However, I have been very unhappy with the service due to the poor latency/ping rate. I don't know if its the limitation of the technology. If I ping something like google or yahoo, the pings actually fluctuate and spikes constantly, jumping from 40ms to 200ms repeatedly. I am a gamer and require decent ping rate, I notice these little things and its bad enough to ruin the game completely.

These result don't seem bad, but it only become apparent in game when my game skips and misses my inputs, so I guess there are jitters in the system too:
ping -t google.com
Pinging google.com [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=31ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=229ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=40ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=30ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=50ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=39ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=252ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=49ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=38ms TTL=55
Reply from bytes=32 time=27ms TTL=55

Can others with OMGfast try the ping -t command and let me know if their ping rate stay consistent? I tried several different routers and even connect by Ethernet, but the problem seems further up in the system. I will try calling up customer service and ask them about it, but I'm not optimistic they will do anything about. Its too bad their download and upload speed is very nice, but I rather pay an extra money for dsl or cable if I can get better ping rate.

There are two things I initially didn't like:
-Setting me up for autopay system without letting me know. This seems to be their standard, they don't send out paper bills, which is okay and convenient, but they should had let me know it was an autopay system.

-They lock the MAC address of their router to their system, so internet from their modem will not transmit to any other device beside to that specific MAC address. However, most routers have the feature to clone MAC addresses, so you can easily bypass it. Although I can see how this can give problems to people who aren't as techy and wanting to switch to a better router, because the Linksys E1200 have very poor signal range, regardless of being DDWRT compatible.


Austin, TX
Sounds like congestion on the WiMAX side, which is significantly more capacity-limited versus the MVDDS side. Plus WiMAX seems to have an inherent 30ms+ latency penalty to it.


Well after the a bit of thunderstorm recently my internet was down during the evening, I called around 8:30am the next day and I told them the box unit that power the satellite is dead (it was connected to surge protector). They said they would transfer me to the IT department, which didn't call back after 3 hours. So I called again to ask someone to come to replace the broken unit, they're book so it'll have to be the next day. Not until noon the next day I got internet back. Almost a day and a half turn around. But my speed actually improved after this and the ping by a small percentage.

I also talked to the service person about the latency issue and even show the fluctuating ping in my system. We also spoke on the phone, but the other-side reply was expected that it shouldn't defer with normal web browsing. I guess I can't blame them too much since its WiMAX.

One thing I have to note is the way Clearband seems to hire people. They don't issue company van or laptops. The installer and serviceman bring their own van/truck, home laptop, and own equipment. The servicemen who did my installation was a roofer by trait (which is fine), but wasn't trained properly on the IT stuff and took until the second day to finally installed everything correctly, because of issues with his equipment and laptop. The second servicemen I met was extremely disrespectful, I won't go into details, but he doesn't even know how to greet. And base on someone else saying it only take 2-4hours for his installation compared to mine of more than one day, it seems to depend on luck which type of person you will get.

If you can put up with some of these issues you might save a little money and get fast speed, but really as you can see from my experience if you can afford more expensive service and don't mind paying a little more money for 20MBps ATT or Comcast, sure its 30Mbps slower, but at least you get consistency. One thing I like is I can use clone MAC address and use my my own router, instead of using the all in one ATT's UVerse modem/router box, but that's hardly a plus considering everything else I had to deal with.