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This is a sub-selection from Question is though

Bahamut X
Fort Worth, TX

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reply to ArizonaSteve

Re: Question is though

said by ArizonaSteve:

I kind of doubt that will work since my 4G Samsung Exhibit II can't get 3G on 1900Mhz now and it was sold for use on T-Mobile!

Maybe because at the time they didn't have the refarm of the 2G spectrum in place, so all the 3G/4G connections were AWS based?

I could blow 5 GB out of the water on occasion... hell, 2 GB only lasts a couple of hours if Charter goes out... :\ All on a device that's HSPA... so none of the really fancy modifiers like +21 or +48.. you know, high speed phones.

In regards to your unlimited comment... perchance, recall the story posted recently here. Seems like you can choose now between 5GB limits (but unlimited transfer, just not all at the maximum speeds your phone can go) and the ability to tether, or no tethering, and the ability to go absolutely nuts with data usage...
I work at T-Mobile. I play games and enjoy time off of work. I've been a member here longer than I've worked there. I have my own opinions, they do not hold anything to T-Mobile USA, etc etc etc...