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Millersville, MD
reply to Venom1

Re: [Cataclysm] Was the nerf too much?

I think it's fine. Main toons should be fully geared by this point. We've been running with alts and it's been super easy. I think from the 25% nerf on we've been able to have our HPally 1-heal the fights up until spine.

We're 6/8 heroic and we're kind of stuck at this point since our second tank quit in July and it's damn near impossible to PUG a tank who knows HM and isn't already committed somewhere else. Right now, we're just killing time till the Pandas arrive.


Ruffs Dale, PA
Scrolled back a week or so ago to check out the new stuff...

Decided to hop into the guilds raid since they were short peeps. Holy crap at the nerfs.. I knew the night would be quick when Morchok fell over in about 70 seconds of combat..

Get to spine, first plate dead with about 2 seconds left on the channel, my mind was blown at the ease of the fight. Initiate the roll and the tank that would usually pull an amalg to soak bloods never had time get secured the roll happened so fast. I said F it lets try anyway, and we solo tanked and 9manned the rest of the fight killing each plate in 1 lift, pot 2nd plate hero third... IMO seaquake you should jsut try to solo tank with an extra dps the plate mechanic will be a joke and the fight will be over before bloods have a chance to be a problem.

Also I remember splitting dps to pre dott blue platform to make the dps check before i quit, I spent seriously 30% of the madness fight not attacking to not push hp%'s to low to spawn bloods or corruptions or whatever.

Also had enough time to clear 7/&h FL for some apps Rag mount..