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This is a sub-selection from Question is though

Bahamut X
Fort Worth, TX
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Re: Question is though

said by clone:

So, why would you even want 3G on 1900MHz (PCS), when you are already getting it on 1700/2100MHz (AWS)?

A) International telephones/the iPhone.

Take any Eurospec phone (International Galaxy devices pre-GS3, HTC devices) or an iPhone, and since the T-Mobile AWS frequencies are typically not supported on these phones. Opening up the 1900 MHz freq. to greater than EDGE speeds means these phones can/will work to their full capacity.

B) The LTE rollover.

Almost all of the newer T-Mobile phones released actually do support both AWS and PCS 3G/4G frequencies. It is easier for customer usage to upgrade the GSM network finally instead of building into the AWS frequencies. This permits new phones to continue using their fully capable high speed radios whilst giving the ability for T-Mobile to free up the AWS spectrum for LTE deployment. Just have to look at those customers still using older GSM telephones and potentially upgrading them to something... newer.

3) Penetration:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't 1900 MHz spectrum give "marginally" better building penetration than a 2100 MHz spectrum buildout?
I work at T-Mobile. I play games and enjoy time off of work. I've been a member here longer than I've worked there. I have my own opinions, they do not hold anything to T-Mobile USA, etc etc etc...


Portage, IN
·T-Mobile US
I was just referring to the OP, who was concerned that his T-Mobile branded AWS compatible phone won't work on PCS 3G/4G. There is no reason to be concerned about 1900MHz UMTS on a phone that will probably be an artifact by the time AWS is deprecated.

I realize there are huge benefits to using compatible frequencies both for handset availability/cost and roaming, etc, and that the AWS spectrum will eventually be re-farmed for LTE. T-Mo's spectrum plan is a good one, I just wonder why some people are so concerned about it.

As for penetration, the base station-to-handset channels in the current AWS spectrum should theoretically provide better in-building coverage than PCS, while the handset-to-base station channels are theoretically worse. In everyday use, I don't see much difference between AWS and PCS.