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NetGear Problems

My NetGear Bell system is having problems with drop outs. It's not as bad as some others are talking about on this forum but still a problem. It worked fine for about 3 months. Now it drops and wont reconnect for hours at a time. Replaced both hub and sim card. Same problem. And to make it worse I see the signal strength in the blue and no connection!

In another thread people have discovered if they ping constantly they don't get the drop outs. I discovered that by accident years ago while using my turbo stick. I think what happens is the system is designed to drop or degrade of connection if it isn't being used. The problem is while you are on a web page reading something there isn't any traffic.

The problem I have with people running a "ping" program isn't that they are doing so. But rather they leave it running even when they are not using the internet. Turn off your hub if your not using the internet. It's hogging resourses that someone else could be using.