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Cote Saint-Luc, QC
reply to milnoc

Re: Incompetent technician cut off my Internet!

said by milnoc:

Now waiting for the Bell tech to show up. Luckily, dslreports is streamined enough that I can actually post messages from my phone over Rogers.

Anybody wanna take bets as to when, or even IF, the Bell tech will show up? The appointment window is between 8 AM and 12 PM.

12:09PM. (Actually, that passed already)

said by milnoc:

If it becomes a no-show, I may have no other choice but to cancel TSI and go to cable with Videotron. Not a pleasant outcome.

Why Videotron and not a third party like TekSavvy, Electronic Box, Distributel (or Acanac), or whatever others I'm missing? Videotron internet is pretty damn expensive.


At least I'll be dealing directly with the "last mile" owner. You seem to get better service that way whenever something goes wrong.

BTW, have I ever told you that it took TWENTY DAYS to get my two TSI business DSL lines for my office because Bell imposes a ten day delay on all third-party provider work including ordering mistakes?

The tech showed up at 10:20, spent an hour, but couldn't get me any higher than 8/1 on a line with a lot of errors. Before Sunday's interruption, I had a reasonably clean line. Not anymore!

And even with the 8/1 profile synching up, I can't log in anymore. So I'm still stuck with no Internet whatsoever, plus I've lost four hours of billing time because I couldn't assist my client with their own hardware.

Now after taking all of this into account, can you really blame me if I decide not to do business with TekSavvy anymore? I'm throwing money out the window here!
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