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Jim Kirk
reply to NuclearXP

Re: Anyone ditching WOW Ultra TV equip. for Ceton?

said by NuclearXP:

Another thought I'm pondering is just what benefits the Q offers over just buying a PCI-E adapter and running your video services through a PC? I have a very fast server I could just leave on to serve up TV to my XBOXes and tons of server disks to record content to. This would even facilitate leaving my DLNA server on all the time that runs on the same server anyway. So I guess to re-ask the question, what does the Q get over a MediaPC setup? Different menu? Search? Anything scheudling related? I think internet TV is a moot feature because TVersity/PlayON could serve up the same content now that a MediaPC is an option.

The advantage of the Q over building your own machine comes down to how much you want to mess with it. The Q is more akin to a cable box than a PC, from a hardware standpoint. It still runs Windows Media Center and everything that goes with it, but you have something that is supported by one vendor. I'm hoping they'll have Netflix, Hulu, etc. clients included as well, but nothing has been said in that regard yet.