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Portage, IN
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Re: Question is though

Please, do some research before you make yourself sound any more uninformed. Not to get into a pissing match, but trust me. I know what I'm talking about.

UMTS, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (link)

Specifically, see the releases at the bottom. HSPA+ is the name of a revision of the data protocol. WCDMA is the air interface that protocol (and all of the UMTS family protocols) use.

Pro Tip: OpenSignalMaps data is garbage. I can force my phone to "GSM ONLY" mode (or have a European Android phone that has no USA 3G bands on it), then be the only person who has reported signal from a given cell site. Now, according to OpenSignalMaps, that is a "2G" tower, even if in reality the site is also an HSPA+84 site. (Just an example of how the data can be skewed.)

If your phone shows that you are getting "4G", that is 3G HSPA+. Marketing departments have utterly confused you (and most consumers).