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[Rant] Motorola Buy Back Program

So I bought a Droid Bionic 2 months ago, and I found out about Motorola's Buy Back program 3 weeks later. I sent my 4G Pantech phone in July 31st and they received it around August 7th. I was quoted $50. The Estimated date of mailing for my $50 check was August 14th. The real value was $50 after they confirmed they received the phone. I have called 8 times to find out where my check is because their website still says Estimated: August 14th(3-5 business days to receive) for reward mailing. I have also sent the buyback program 2 emails, and nothing. I have been told to expect a call back in 24-48 hours 3 different times, and I have waited past that, and still no callback. So, nobody can tell me why I haven't received my payment. When I call Motorola, they say the buyback department is a different department than customer service, and that they don't have a direct phone number so I can't call them directly, rather go through the Customer Service Department. I just find it rude that every time I call, I get the same answer: "We will escelate it, please wait 24-48 hrs for a callback", but I never receive a callback. Their excuse today was: "The supervisor who is supposed to handle this, isn't there". So the person handling this hasn't been there in 3 weeks? Give me a break.
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