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East Lyme, CT

comments on MC DVR

The Good
- picked one up today.
- they let me hook it up myself
- No audio so I called a super responsive tech -thanks
- MC replaced with a working unit

The Not So Good
- No manual (not a biggie).
- Some desirable functions are crippled.
Does anyone know if any of the extra I/O ports work ?
(USB, firewire, RCA, s-video)
- ethernet port is deliberately non-functional, so no network.

Shortsighted in an attempt to stop customers from cutting the video cord? I think. MC will only survive if they maintain customer loyalty. Eventually, I want a TIVO. I want my box to access my PC media and to give me Netflix, Hulu, etc. I can get these functions with a TIVO for $4 less/month. TIVO Premiers can be found for $100.


East Lyme, CT
Forgot to mention: Has a small hard drive. This was a surprise.
You can't record much high def. Has anyone tried an external drive (USB port)? I am guessing you can't add one ?