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Arlington, TX
reply to scififan68

Re: Defective SB6141 Modem?

said by scififan68:

Ah, well there is nothing about Fremont, or even Lincoln on the network status page, but they did finally upgrade to the new navigator last week, and I was told by the office sometime in September for Docsis 3, but I won't believe it until I see it. EDIT: Also both modems went out, seems to be something with TWC itself.

I am pretty sure if both of your modems went out either the CMTS was being worked on or a new firmware was pushed out but since one modem is a motorola and the other an arris I am going to bet CMTS maintenance.


Fremont, NE

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Well I got another "SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync" on Sep 20 2012 15:40:09.

It now shows 0 dBmV(was 2to4dbmv before) even after rebooting, anyone ever seen this? I've read that they could have turned off the measurement of the downstream signal level.
EDIT 9-22: seems to be all modems in my city, not just mine, hmmm it looks like my signal really is 0 now, interesting, but it did move up to 1dBmV.


Fremont, NE
I wonder if my issues with my SB6141 are due to noise, I woke up today and checked my arris mta and my snr is 27, I've checked all wiring on the inside and no problems there and even hooked up my now unused SB6141 to a different port on the splitter and yeah the snr is still 27! I also had 13% correctables, I checked that with tier 3 today. I find it funny how my signal is 1dBmV and 43dBmV with an SNR of 27, while the only noticeable issue is speedtests come out lower, TWC is coming out Monday to fix it.


reply to scififan68
Just an FYI: your downstream power is supposed to be within the range of -10db and 10db. 0 is "perfect" for downstream strength.