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Brook Park, OH
·WOW Internet and..

Whole house cable box?

The critter I'm thinking of would take my WOW cable line as an input, be able to take a cableCARD, and have several coax outputs that are user-configurable (e.g., one would output all the channels I subscribe to in clearQAM, another would send them all down in NTSC CATV, another in VHF/UHF to an old 70s console TV, etc.)

This way, it would only be necessary to pay WOW just $3.50/month for a single cableCARD to get all the Digital Basic (or Signature) channels on all the TV's in my house, and won't need a stupid box on each and every TV.

Does such a critter exist at a reasonable price ($200 or less)?

I know that Ceton has a 6 tuner box that can stream the channels to TV's, but I'd need to buy a box for each TV.

Big Jimmy

That's essentially what hotels do for their TV, which is Ceton's primary business. The only problem is that it costs a TON of money for such devices. About your only solution is a Ceton home theater PC, and a bunch of extenders (or Xbox 360s).