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Brooklyn, NY
reply to tonyram57

Re: [11217]It all started when I upgraded to double my speeds.

Connection is great since replacing the line.
Even streaming music is smoother.
Time will tell if it stays that way.


Brooklyn, NY
Yesterday afternoon my connection went out a few times but I saw a TWTech guy working on the street and when I called they said there was a problem in the area. After he was done everything was fine.

However my Return path power level went up to 48.7 dBmV and now I am on Channel ID 4. It is hotter today then yesterday. Does the heat have anything to do with it because my download and upload speeds are great and my ping test is still a A. Anyone can chime in?

Wait a minute. I just noticed yesterday I was on 16 QAM but now I am 64 QAM. What is the difference? Sorry but I am just learning all of this tech stuff about cable modems.