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[DSL] Need a 2nd modem

I have a computer in the basement that gets a very weak wireless signal. I would to buy a modem and plug into the phone jack to supply this one computer. Is this possible, and if so could someone rd commend a good brand I could pick up cheap on eBay?

The wireless modem/router they provided works good everywhere else in the house, just weak in basement.


Las Vegas, NV
Get a second wireless router and set it up as a wireless access point. That will extend the range of the first router. Just make sure the second one is as close to the router as possible, but still to give a good signal to the computer.

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You can do this, but you cannot place two modems on the telephone line. You can only place one modem on the Frontier supplied DSL line. So you can either sign up for Frontiers second connect or you can run a CAT5 cable from your current modem to a wireless router setup as an access point as Beezel mentioned.

Rochester, NY
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Where is the modem now? Two story home and the dsl modem is on the second floor if so you can move it to the ground or first floor or a location closer to the basment pc this may do the trick.


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Easiest solution would be using powerline networking adapters. I've purchased two sets of trendnet tpl-303e2k networking adapter kits. Setup is pretty much plug-n-play. Just plug it into a wall outlet, plug an RJ45 Cat5, Cat5e Ethernet patch cable from the modem into the powerline network adapter, plug the other powerline network adapter into the outlet in your basement, plug into your PC with another ethernet cable and away you go. Plenty of flavors to choose from at online outlets such as newegg, tigerdirect, etc.. no dropped signals to worry about, wireless phones stepping on the wireless signal, microwave, etc.. Don't need a degree in networking to set them up, just plug them in, press the sync button if it doesn't automatically synchronize with your existing setup. I've had no problems with either set. Reasonably cheap solution that will expand your networking capabilities for whatever your needs are. Much simpler to plug into a wall outlet than fiddle with multiple modems, wireless repeaters, access points, support calls to try and figure out just how to set it all up so it actually works, etc.. Cost effective, hassle free and it works.