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Montreal, QC

CapSavvy v4.0 adds support for Caneris, eBox, Videotron TPIA

Normally I only announce new CapSavvy releases in the TekSavvy forum, but v4.0 uses a new modular architecture to support usage checking for multiple different ISPs. As a result, I thought I should let people here know about that.

If you're not aware of what CapSavvy does, it polls your bandwidth usage information from your ISP and displays it in your system tray, along with giving you a prediction about what your final bandwidth usage for the month will be based on current trends.

Currently supported in this version:

TekSavvy DSL
Caneris DSL
Electronic Box DSL
Videotron TPIA (including TekSavvy cable, Electronic Box cable, Acanac cable, etc.)

CapSavvy is opensourced under the GPL v2, allowing anybody who wants to contribute to look at the source (included in the download), and maybe even write a module for a new ISP. One other contributor is already credited in the copyright for his work which influenced the Videotron TPIA module.

You can find it here:

»CapSavvy v4.0 released
Developer: Tomato/MLPPP, Linux/MLPPP, etc »fixppp.org