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Houston, TX
reply to FifthE1ement

Re: Arg... lol

said by FifthE1ement:

We've had the AnyRoom DVR service available here for quite sometime now. The South Florida market usually gets features and other test plans first. I wish they would make some moves as they are years behind. I remember getting the iGuide over ten years ago! Before then we had a yellow guide with (blue?) show lists in bubbles.

If you think the Motorola STB markets are years behind, you should see the SA/Cisco STB markets. The S25 Guide is the equivalent of the Motorola A25 Guide. The current update being deployed is scheduled through the end of the year is the S26 Guide. I think this is the equivalent of the Motorola A28 Guide but without AnyRoom DVR functionality and there may be other missing features. On-Screen Guide 2.0 will add AnyRoom DVR functionality in the SA/Cisco STB markets.

said by FifthE1ement:

Now over the ten years they've added features, fav lists, recently MyDVR, etc but utilizing the same guide for a decade while everything else around has moved at warp speed is crazy. I look at my tiny phone which is more powerful than my home PC and with a 720p screen to boot and looking at my TV I'm brought back to reality having to remember what HCHD, WSVN, BTVHD, etc mean? Why can't they use full channel names?

While the Motorola STB markets were being updated, the SA/Cisco STB markets were not updated for years with most markets using the SARA Guide. When the SARA Guide was replaced with the S25 Guide, the S25 guide removed more features (Picture-In-Picture, No Skip to End of Recording, No Pass-Through, etc.) than it added and introduced major bugs (truncated recordings, overrecording of shows, etc.)

said by FifthE1ement:

Quality control isn't going to help when they never release anything? I mean what happened to the TIVO DVR, Tru2Way TV's & guide, switched digital video (SDV), Instant Info Widgets, and multiple "other" guide updates which they (Comcast) has named over the years?! I've never seen a company do so much and yet so little at the same time and never release anything new?

Comcast will "test" new guides in limited market trials, but it takes years before these guides are rolled out to most customers. Comcast is using Tru2way technology in the On-Screen Guide 2.0 & 3.0 (a.k.a X1 Guide). I haven't seen any Consumer Electronic Companies that will use this Tru2way technology. The TiVo DVR that allows the user to view Comcast VOD has recently been introduced in a few more markets. Comcast has put SDV on the backburner and is in the process of reclaiming bandwidth by eliminating analog channels.

said by FifthE1ement:

As for the always coming X1 platform: According to the Ted Hodgins Comcast blog you didn't have to get a specific box (Motorola DCX3501) as the X1 platform should work on all DCX models? Is the X1 a platform or a box as the X1 website doesn't show any box on the site or faqs? According to his blog it's a platform that can go on any capable (newer) box but I have no idea why Comcast is making their loyal customers suffer by limiting X1 service to NEW triple play customers ONLY! The only reason I can see is that they know they can't get away with a decade old guide today and new users would hate it right away (BYE BYE) but older, loyal users are just used to it so STFU. WTF?


X1 is both a box and a platform. X1 is being introduced using a Pace Gateway DVR. The Pace Gateway DVR has 6 tuners but Comcast has restricted it to only record 2 shows at the same time although you can watch a different show while recording 2 other shows. Comcast is working on the X1 guide for both Cisco and Motorola STBs with a projected release sometime in 2013. Since X1 is new, Comcast is trying to use it to bring in new customers. I think Comcast will allow existing customers to get it after a period of time when it is no longer "new".
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