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[Cable] Packet Loss?

Hey guys

The last 2 nights I have been experiencing brutal packet loss (seems like ever since that massive rain storm)

Pages stop loading in the middle and have to be reloaded, download speeds max out and then go down to nothing and then max out again.

Last night I ran 2 tests to my gateway
First test ran for 2 minutes and I had 32% packet loss
Second Test ran for 3 minutes and I had 64% packet loss

I just ran some tests this morning and I have barely any packet loss... if it was a line issue I would think it would always happen. So why all of a sudden at night its doing it now? (my internet has been fine for months at night)

Anyone else in the Mississauga Rd. L5H2E3 area having issues?

I have a ticket in with Teksavvy and Rogers to check my line but I imagine they are going to come back with nothing (so much hope)