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Etobicoke, ON

Reset Speedtouch st516 modem?

Last Tuesday my apartment received two power disruptions. One happened
for a split second and my desktop, monitor and speedtouch st516 modem all
restarted. The modem may have been okay. But two minutes later a 10 minute
blackout occurred. At that point I decided I'll leave everything turned
off for the rest of the day. Wednesday morning I powered up everything and
all the hardware seemed to work fine but I could not get onto the internet.
I turned the modem on and off three times and waited for all its lights
to be solid green before trying to use the internet but no luck.

Called Teksavvy tech support and was told that the my line is noisy and
my modem may no longer be functioning correctly.

I've looked at the modem and there is a reset button on the back. Will
using the reset button erase any necessary info required to use my
Teksavvy connection? Will using the reset button help the modem function
correctly again?