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MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON

Re: Bell/TSI "accidentally" disconnected my DSL!


Let's say we have a Bell tech who needs to plug DSL for a new customer. He finds out that he forgot to bring a DSLAM card with him and his shift is about to end or the one he has is defective. He absolutely needs to plug this new customer for some reason. So he simply decides to unplug some random DSLAM from another customer to plug this new customer.

Would this scenario be plausible?

Not likely. The cards are pre-equipped in the DSLAM, and it isn't one card per customer. Some cards support up to 48 customers, depending on the vintage of the DSLAM. The ports are pre-assigned when the order is issued, so there isn't any equipment for the Bell tech to "forget to bring".

More likely scenario is that either his port got stolen during a repair - either because assignment screwed up, or the USOC for DSL got dropped from his profile so the port was re-assigned to another customer. A multitude of reasons. Even though we'd like to believe Bell is evil (which they probably are, but that's another discussion), in this case it's likely ineptitude. Either way, this is unacceptable.
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More then likely during a trouble ticket request they could have stolen the port as you suggested. As you stated they probably looked at the distance numbers and found tech savy cust could theoretically work on another port. When they assigned tech savvy to another port they didn't assign what in the us we call a new jumper run. Most dslams even 13 Fujitsu 768k only cards support more then 1 cust. Tipping a card or slightly pulling it out so it interrupts the physical connection doesn't really happen on dsl anymore. Your just unwired. Now why. Field tech in CA can't call the local co and ask the tech to check the jumpers I find that odd. Depending on how remote the location. In the US I might even tun the jumpers myself. Sorry your having such trouble at worst this should have been a 45min fix.